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For visiting my official website. I am a passionate Actor with years of experience in the industry. I love what I do, and want others to see, that Love shine through in all of my work (including this website itself). Take a look around to find more information about myself, my career, updates on projects I’m working on, important news and other upcoming events...

Ever since I was young, I have been acting. I made my professional debut many years ago, and have not looked back since. I have more than Hundred IMDb credits and made appearances in a number of feature-films, television, and music video productions, working with some incredible names in the industry.

I love acting. There is something so unbelievably gratifying about playing different roles, while putting my own twist on each performance.

Contact me to find out how can i help you earn even more, right today!

NOTICE for CDs (Casting Directors), Casting Managers and Scouts: All photographic images on my official website are clickable, zoomable and of cause downloadable, any aditional material available by request, just Whatsapp Me! (unfortunately not sponsored yet)...

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Actor Andrey Da! Official Website Quotes

Andrey Da! Actor Model

"Associate with people who are likely to improve you"

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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Actor Andrey Da! as Israeli Mosad Spy Eli Cohen

Reference to (Netflix) 'The Spy' starring Sacha Baron Cohen [IMDb top 5000]

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Andrey Da! Actor Model

Andrey Da! actor and casting director, was born February 14, on Valentine’s Day in Soviet Union. He is Aquarius according to the zodiac sign. And as is inherent to most Aquariuses, Andrey is always surrounded by a light aura of mystery and breathes of an elusive charm. To perform under the pseudonym, actor was inspired by two factors: one was the character of Richard Kelly’s fantastic comedy ‘Southland Tales’ with ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson and other factor was much more trivial – most people can’t pronounce his surname correctly and he decided 'to make it easier for people to work' and left only the first two letters, cutting all the excess with an exclamation mark underlining the positive message of his personal brand name. (In Russian ‘Da!’ means ‘Yes!’). But according to the actor, 'that didn't save the day and everyone is still asking again several times at each casting'.

Andrey’s aunt was working at the 'Russian Academic Youth Theatre' (RAMT). One оf his great uncles sang in the church choir. Another was a musician, composer and curator of the unique musical instrument ANS at the Glinka National Museum of Music. Actors’ third great uncle was working in philharmonic, and taught him juggling in deep childhood. He started to teach young Andrey card tricks, but unfortunately he died before. Andrey Da!'s grandmother was a choreographer at the 'Tiflis Imperial Theater' (now Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theatre). By advice of his beloved grandmother, young actor together with his sibling sister, attended the ballroom dance school of the famous ballet-master of those days Georgiy Sanadze, from a deep childhood. His sister to this day dances at the Sydney Dance School of the famous movie director Baz Luhrmann, best known for such films as ‘Romeo + Juliet’ with Leonardo DiCaprio, ‘Australia’ with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, ‘The Great Gatsby’ with DiCaprio  and Tobey Maguire and of caurse, Oscar-nominated film ‘Moulin Rouge!’ with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor.

Actor Andrey Da! has long resided abroad and is proficient in four languages: English, Hebrew, Russian and Georgian. He left the country shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in the ‘dashing nineties’ out of harm's way as possible. There Andrey Da! studied at the School of Theatre ‘Mesikha’ under the guidance of Moshe Cohen. And in order to pay for his studies and ‘not to starve to death in foreign fields’ (although according to unofficial data nobody migrated abroad in nineties has died of hunger yet), he worked as a jeweler at a small factory producing gold jewelry near the diamond exchange. Being in Mediterranean, actor and his sister were performing for the local KVN team (KVN is Soviet all-union Stand up Show ‘Club of the Funny and Inventive People’). And then, after returning to the post-Soviet Russia, performed in KVN 'Moscow and Suburbs League' (LaMPa) for ‘Children of the Streets’ team.

Sometime after arriving in Moscow, Andrey begins to work as casting director on the project ‘The investigation was conducted... with Leonid Kanevsky’ (aka Sledstvie Veli...) [has 7.6 stars IMDb rating] on NTV channel. At the same time, he opened his own talent agency, collaborating with various casting directors and helping to cast professional actors, day-performers, featured role actors, extras, promoters, animators, walk-ons and consultants for various feature films, TV series, commercials, music videos, documentary reenactments, various forums, promotional and corporate events. Including very popular in those years ‘Six Frames’ (Shest Kadrov) local sitcom and famous TV series ’Petrovich’, ‘Katya’s Love’ (Katina Lyubov), ‘The Bodyguard’ (Telokhranitel), ‘Argentina’, ‘Gals’ (Deffchonki), ‘The Traffic Light’ (Svetofor), lottery ‘Bigaboom’, feature film ‘Eight First Dates’ (8 Pervykh Svidaniy) featuring featuring president of Ukraine – Vladimir Zelenskiy, MTS Russian cellular network operator TV commercial with Nikolai Valuyev (Russian politician and professional boxer), ‘ESSA’ Beer commercial, late shows ‘Evening Quarter’ (Vecherniy Kvartal), ‘Good evening with Maxim Galkin’ (Dobriy Vecher s Maksimom Galkinym), ‘Comedy Battle’, ‘The Pinochet Family’ (Cheta Pinochetov) situation comedy and many others.

At the same time, he works in main Russian television studio Ostankino at the ‘Shopping Live’ TV channel Hosting Live as Key Expert Jeweler of the 'Diamantaire' Brand. And thanks to his charm and subtle sense of humor, he also hosts dating parties at the restaurant ‘Wheel of Time’ in Orlikov lane and ‘Bon Chance’ on Clean Ponds. Soon after the closure of all casinos in Moscow, he started conducting new-fashioned real-life adventure quests on Arbat street ‘EXIT Casino’ as croupier Billy.

In the same years actor Andrey Da! himself frequently and fruitfully starred in movies, serials, commercials and music videos. He has played dozens of bit parts, supporting roles and leads in different languages in local soap operas, documentary reenactments, TV commercials, music videos of popular performers and feature films of famous directors. Actor Andrey Da! has more than hundred IMDb credits.

The Actor appeared in such famous motion pictures as: ‘Sunstroke’. (Solnechnyy Udar) by Nikita Mikhalkov, ‘SubWave’ (Metro) by Anton Megerdichev, Legend No. 17 (Legenda 17) [IMDb 7.5] by Nikolay Lebedev, That's Carloson! (Tot Eshchyo Karloson!) by Sarik Andreasyan, Eight First Dates (8 Pervykh Svidaniy) by Marius Balčiūnas-Weisberg & David Dodson starring Ukraines sixth President Vladimir Zelenskiy and many other feature films.

Actor Andrey Da! starred for such famous Russian movie directors and producers as Timur Bekmambetov and Andrey’s fellow countryman (Levan) Leo Gabriadze, best known for the film of Leos dad (Revaz) Rezo Gabriadze and Georgy Danelia – ‘Kin Dza Dza!’ in which Levan played the role of the 'Fiddler' Gedevan Alexandrovich Alexidze. It's paradoxical but with Gabriadze Jr., Andrey Da! met already in Moscow at the Bazelevs studio, where at that time they were finishing filming ‘Lucky Trouble’ with Milla Jovovich [IMDb Top 500], in which Andrey Da! played his, probably the shortest, but according to him, most unforgettable role of the right hand double. Fyodor Bondarchuk, Dmitriy Dyachenko, Zhora Kryzhovnikov (who also, like Andrey Da! was born on February 14th on St. Valentine's Day), Dmitry Kiselev, Alexey Sidorov, Kirill Kuzin and many other famous movie directors also filmed Andrey Da! in their motion pictures.

In the same period of time Andrey Da! takes part in works of famous foreign filmmakers, videographers and movie makers. Among them, the well-known for the film ‘Wake of Death’ with Jean-Claude Van Damme – Philippe Martinez  with film ‘Victor’ starring Gérard Depardieu [IMDb Top 5000] and Elizabeth Hurley [IMDb Top5000], Sheldon Lettich – film ‘Black Rose’ with Kristanna Loken [IMDb Top5000], Chris Gorak – film ‘The Darkest hour’, Johnny O'Reilly – film ‘Moscow never sleeps’, Frank Borin – ‘Tele2’ local cellular provider commercial, Eric Coignoux – Renault commercial, Paul Vos – ‘Rosneft’ commercial, Simon Ladefoget – ‘Fruitonanny’ baby food commercial, Jonas Arnby – ‘Coca Cola’ TV Commercial, Keith English – Sberbank’ (one of the largest banks in the world in terms of assets) commercial, Andy Lambert – MTS one of the major mobile operators TV commercial and dozens more.

Director, producer and founder of Adore Creative Content Agency Rupert Wainwright, best known for Pepsi Commercial with MC Hammer’s music video ‘U Can’t Touch This’, filmed Actor Andrey Da! in Global Mind Adventure Expo 2020bidding campaign, taking a gold award at the 4th Cannes Festival in 2013 for the best corporate video.

Andrey Da!’s filmography is saturated also by a number of the most popular serials which are gladly watch both in the country and abroad: ‘The Kitchen’ (Kukhnya) [IMDb 8.5], ‘Interns’ (Interny) [IMDb 7.1], ‘Trace’ (Sled), ‘Londongrad’, ‘Short Course of a Happy Life’ (Kratkiy Kurs Schastlivoy Zhizni), ‘Russian Affairs’ (Soderzhanki), ‘Kamenskaya’, ‘The University’ (Univer), ‘Locusts’ (Sarancha), ‘The Papa’s Daughters’ (Papiny Dochki) and this is not a complete list of the blockbusters in which the Actor Andrey Da! has ‘lit up’.

Besides that, Andrey Da! has a wealth of multifaceted experience working with Hollywood stars, directors, producers, musicians and other celebrities. Actor Andrey Da! was seen in public with such internationally renowned superstars as Tim Burton [IMDb 82], J.J. Abrams [IMDb Top 5000], Andy García [IMDb Top 5000], Helen Mirren [IMDb Top500], Chris Pine [IMDb Top500], Zachary Quinto  [IMDb Top 5000], Alice Eve [IMDb Top500], Jay Kay (Jamiroquai), Toni Braxton, Seal, Damon Albarn (Blur Frontman, Gorillas Songwriter), Nick Rhodes  (Duran Duran), Joey Tempest and John Norum (of Europe Band), Wes Borland and John Otto of Limp Bizkit, John Galliano, Eros Ramazzotti, Elon Musk's fiancee Claire Boucher better known as Grimes, South Korean Grammy award-winner soprano Sumi Jo, Poets of the Fall, Jesse Rutherford of Neighborhood, Ninja and Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord, played leads in movie ‘Chappie’, Frank Iero, Mushrohead, boxer Roy Jones Jr., played captain Ballard in The Matrix Reloaded, fashion designer John Galliano worked for Dior and many others.

Actor Andrey Da! is not married, has no children yet, so he considers that the most exciting thing in life is to play in a good movies of famous directors. He loves his work very much, gives it a lot of energy and time. Andrey believes that there are no ‘small’ roles. And just as the picture on the computer screen is composed of many colorful pixels, all the roles become a beautiful painting in the actor’s filmography and shooting in the projects of famous directors sooner or later brings the long-awaited fruits.

To the question 'How did you manage to combine work in the Security Service of the Royal Bank of Scotland and filming in such a huge number of projects, and did one interfere with the other?' Andrey replied: – You answered your own question, I will only add that the 40th US President Ronald Reagan was an actor (by the way, also Aquarius); Arnold Schwarzenegger [IMDb top 500] was 38th Governor of California, Volodymyr Zelensky (I played in films with his participation a couple of times) – became the president of Ukraine, boxer Vitali Klitschko became Mayor of Kiev and Brian May – guitarist of the Queen rock band is a professor of astrophysics. So, many manage to combine the profession of an actor with anything, well, within reasonable limits, of course.

Many people ask Andrey Da! 'Don’t you think actors take pictures too often and look at them too much'. He responded with the words of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger [IMDb top 500]. When journalists asked him a similarly tricky question, hinting at a tendency to narcissism, about whether bodybuilders look in the mirror too often – he did not deny the obvious, but said "... yes, of course we do look in mirror all the time, but we are just looking for flaws!"

Despite his many years of experience, Andrey Da! still continues to develop, constantly perfecting his acting skills. He attends various master classes, trainings, and courses of popular theatre coaches. Continuing to strengthen his acting 'muscles' daily. In 2009 he attended Andrey Bragin’s course ‘Commercial Model. The Quick Start’. In 2010 actor studied at the animator’s courses of Olga Semaforova ‘Rainbow Event Management’. In 2014 took part in the training ‘Acting by Lee Strasberg's System’ with acting coach Victoria Scherban. In 2015 Andrey was at the intensive course ‘Actor 2.0’ by Saeed Dashuk-Nygmatulin. In 2016 Actor Andrey Da! mastered acting at Sergei Bazarov School with Andrey Rysyev and Serghey Lavrentyev. In 2022, he studied as a TV and radio presenter at the school of radio and television "On Shabolovka" with Semyon Chaika and Maxim Lisovsky.

We asked Andrey Da! why does he attend acting classes almost every year? – 'It's like going to the gym. You go ther not because you don’t know how to do squats, push-ups or lift the bar, but primarily to keep yourself in shape. And in general, it is impossible to know everything – sometimes you can meet interesting people and even remember something that you missed over the years'.

And finally, we asked: What is your biggest disappointment in life? Andrey, with his usual share of sarcasm, noticed – I have two of them! The first is that I bought only 100 bitcoins back in 2009 when it was less than one dollar per bitcoin. – That’s sad, what could be worse? – Can't remember cold wallet password...


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Actor Andrey Da! Filmography

Actor Andrey Da! Brief Filmography

More than Hundred IMDb credits

Feature Films:

Actor Andrey Da! Actor Model

* Sunstroke. (Solnechnyy Udar); Role: White Guard Officer; Director: Nikita Mikhalkov;

* Metro. (SubWave); Role: Security Official; Director: Anton Megerdichev; Cinematography: Sergio Astakhov;

* Kitchen in Paris (Kukhnya v Parizhe); Role: Guest at the 7th Table; Director: Dmitry Diachenko; ;

* Legend No. 17 (Legenda 17); Role: Pentaflex Cameraman; Director: Nikolay Lebedev; ;

* Beginning of the Great Revival, (Jian dang wei ye) China 2011; Role: Russian Intellectual; Director: Sanping Han, Jianxin Huang

* That's Carloson! (Tot Eshchyo Karloson!); Role: Parent; Director: Sarik Andreasyan;

* Forsaken: Mission Mars. (Prishelets); Role: Security Official; Director: Alexander Kulikov (Mikhail Raskhodnikov);

* Eight First Dates (8 Pervykh Svidaniy); Role: ‘Dream Home’ Buyer; Director: David Dodson, Sasha Malarevsky, Marius Weisberg;

* Hardcore Henry (Hardkor); Role: Strip Club Visitor; Director: Ilya Naischuller;

* The Champions (Chempiony); Role: Canadian Commentator; Director: Artyom Aksenenko;

* The Gift with Character (Podarok s Kharakterom); Role: Oligarch – Guest at the Artyom’s Birthday; Director: Karen Oganesyan;

* Rating (Reyting); Role: Film Crew Member; Director: Alexander Chernov;

* A Man with a Warranty (Muzhchina s Garantiey); Role: Shopper at the Mall; Director: Artyom Aksenenko

* August. The Eighth (Avgust Vosmogo). Role: Business Centre Employee; Director: Dzhanik Fayziev

* Slove (Pryamo v Serdtze); Role: Businessman; Director: Jurgen Staal

* Moscow Never Sleeps (Moskva Nikogda Ne Spit); Role: Oligarch in a Nightclub; Director: Johnny O'Reilly;

* The Caucasus Trio. Bite of a Snake. Mother – Russian, Father – Doctor. (Kavkazskoe Trio. Mama – Russkaya, Papa – Vrach.); Role: Spectator in Theatre; Eldar Shengelaya, Fuad Ibragimbekov, Temur Butikashvili; Cinematography: Gorka Gomez;

* As Simple as That (Vsyo Prosto). Role: European; Director: Sonya Karpunina

* Amusement. (Zabava); Role: Photographer; Director: Ruslan Baltzer;

* The Groom. (Zhenih); Role: Art Exhibition Visitor; Director: (Stanislav) Stas Mareev;

* Lucky Trouble (Vykrutasy); Role: Hands Double; Director: (Levan) Leo Gabriadze

* Brigade. Legatee. (Brigada 2. Naslednik.); Role: Security Guard; Director: Denis Alekseev

* Criminal Blues for Saxophone. (Kriminalnyy Blyuz Dlya Saksofona); Role: Criminal Authority; Director: Maxim Voronkov

* Victor (Viktor); Role: Guest at Alexandra's Restaurant; Director: Philippe Martinez;

* Full Throttle! (Polnyy Vperyod!); Role: Uncle Vitya's Co-worker; Director: Alla Surikova;

* Love in Vegas (Lyubov v bolshom gorode 3; Love in the Big City 3); Role: Shopper at the mall; Director: Marius Weisberg, David Dodson

* Christmas Trees 3. (Yolki 3, Elki 3); Role: Passenger; Director: Anton Megerdichev;

* Mortal Affair. (Chistoe Iskusstvo); Role: Art Exhibition Visitor; Director: Renat Davletyarov;

* The Weapon (Oruzhie); Role: Groom – Newlywed; Director: Alexander Rogozhkin;

* The Deal. (Sdelka); Role: Jury Member; Director: Andrey Silkin

* The Night of the Lonely Owl. (Noch Odinokogo Filina); Role: Backing Vocalist of Vadim Mikhailovich Belozerov; Director: Galina Salgarelli; Cinematography: Sergey Pavlenko; ;

* Lovey-Dovey 3 (Lyubov-Morkov 3; Love as a Carrot 3); Role: Hotel Guest; Director: Sergey Ginsburg;

* May Rain. (Mayskiy Dozhd); Role: Guest at the Wedding; Director: Eugene Lavrentiev; Camera: Maxim Trapo;

* Cutie (Krasotka); Role: Plant Director; Director:  Dmitry Petrun;

* Duel; Role: Businessman; Director: Jafar Akhundzadeh; Cinematographer: Gafur Redzhepov.

More Feature Films...

Other Projects:

* TV Channel ‘Shopping Live’ – Hosting Live as Key Expert Jeweler of the Diamantaire Brand ;

* TV Channel ‘NTV’ ‘Investigation Led... with Leonid Kanevsky’ (Sledstvie Veli… s Leonidom Kanevskim) - Casting Director

* Adventure Quest ‘EXIT Casino’ – Host Croupier Billy

* Restaurants ‘Wheel of Time’ and ‘Bonne Chance’ – Host of Dating Nights

* Stand up Show ‘Club of Cheerful and Resourceful’ (KVN) Moscow and Suburbs League (LaMPa) – ‘Children of the Streets’ Team Member

* Stand up Show ‘Club of Cheerful and Resourceful’ (KVN) Israel League - Netanya Town Team Member

More Projects...

Social Projects:

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Behind the Scenes:

* Once Upon a Time on Set with Philip Kirkorov (Making of ‘Lg Optimus L5 Dual' TV Commercial);

* Sergey Artemiev – Making of ‘Let's Drink!’ Music Video (Davai Nalyom); Director:  Sergey Groznov, Sergey Artemiev; Cinematography: Dmitry Borisov;

Even Deeper Behind the Scenes...

Music Videos:

* Maxim Pokrovskiy (Nogu Svelo) – ‘Asia80’ (Aziya 80); Role: Minter; Director:  Dmitry Fix; Cinematography: Andrey Makarov; ;

* Yuliya Savicheva – ‘Tell Me What Is Love’ (Skazhy Mne Chto Takoe Lyubov); Role: Chief Physician; Director: Yuri Kurohtin; Cinematography: Bagir Rafiev, A. Debabov; ;

* Grigoriy Leps – ‘Lord, Give Me Strength!’ (Gospodi Dai Mne Sil); Role: Jew; Director: Alexander Soloha; Cinematography: Maxim Osadchy; ;

* United Sexy Boys – ‘Olympic’ (U.S.B. – Sochi 2014; Olimpiyskaya); Role: Jew; Director: Grigor Gasparyan; Cinematography: M. Stepanyan; ;

* Sergey Artemiev – ‘Let's Drink!’ (Davai Nalyom); Role: Cornetist (Trumpeter); Director: Sergey Groznov; Cinematography: Dmitry Borisov; ;

* Eva Lanska – ‘La Bambola’ (The Doll); Role: Pianist; Director: Boris Mukhin; Cinematography: Mikhail Ganapolsky; ;

* Eva Polna – ‘Je T'aime’ (Ya Tebya Toje Net); Role: Gentleman at the Cabaret; Director: Eva Polna; Cinematography: Maxim Osadchy; ;

* Sabina Akhmedova – ‘Call Me with You’ (Pozovi Menya s Soboy) ‘Kept Women 2’ {Soderzhanki 2} Official Soundtrack; Role: Oligarch; Director: Darya Zhuk

* Sergey Zhukov (Ruki Vverh) – ‘I Love You’ (Ya Tebya Lyublyu); Role: Snowman; Director: Roman Trofimov; Cinematography: Pavel Kapinos

* Olga Makovetskaya – ‘No Emotions’ (Nol Emotzyy); Role: Macho

* Egor Kreed – ‘You’re my Galaxy’ Role: Security Guard; Director: Sergey Shubin; Operator: Vladimir Ushakov

More Music Videos...

Documentary Reenactments:

* ‘Spyfall’ Damask. The Spy Story.; Lead: Eli Cohen – Israeli Spy; Director: Mikhail Barynin; Cinematography: Dmitry Tararako, Serafim Fedorov, Alexey Posysaev;

* The Dossier of the Star Advocate. (Dosie Zvyozdnogo Advokata); Lead: Philip Kirkorov;

* The Last Word. Kirkorov's Case. (Poslednee Slovo. Delo Kirkorova); Lead: Philip Kirkorov

* Legally Deputy (Deputat v Zakone); Lead: David Issakharovich – The Deputy; Director: Dmitry;

* When the Devil Cries; Lead: Anton Szandor LaVey – Magician, Fraudster; Director: Liana Mikava

* The History of Medicine. (Istoriya Meditzini); Lead: Hindu – Ancient Healer

* Grandfather Hassan (Ded Khasan); Lead: The Killer of ‘Ded Hassan’

* Babek Serush; Lead: Babek Serush – Soviet Millionaire, Friend of Vladimir Vysotsky

* Evidence from the Past. Death of Yakov Stalin. Season 2. Episode 6. (Ulika iz Proshlogo. Smert Yakova Jugashvili.); Lead: Yakov Dzhugashvili - Stalin's Eldest Son; Director: Eleanora Tukhareli; Cinematography: Dmitri Romanennko, Alexey Abgaj, Igor Shumkov

* Evidence from the past. Bin Laden. Season 2. Episode 13. (Ulika iz Proshlogo. Ben Laden.); Role: American Special Forces Officer; Director: Eleanora Tuhareli; Cinematography: Dmitry Romanennko, Igor Shumkov, Damir Abdrahmanov

* Evidence from the Past. Novorossiysk Battleship Explosion. Season 1. Episode 10. (Ulika iz Proshlogo. Vzryv Linkora Novorossiysk.); Role: Ugo Esposito in Youth / Journalist; Director: Eleanora Tuhareli; Cinematography: Dmitri Romanennko, Igor Shumkov, Alexander Chubov, Dmitry Dranovsky

* Evidence from the past. The Moon. Season 1. Episode 7. (Ulika iz Proshlogo. Luna.); Role: Bill Keysing – Author of Bestseller ‘We’ve Never Been to the Moon’, Chief of Technical Information Department at Rocketdyne – Moon Rocket Engine Manufacturer; Director: Eleanora Tuchareli; Cinematography: Dmitri Romanennko, Igor Shumkov, Igor Bogorov

* Outer Space. (Kosmos Budet Nashim); Lead: Tsiolkovsky – First Soviet Rocket Constructor; Director: E. Kovalenko

* Attention, the Investigation Begins Hosting Irina Volk. (Vnimanie Rozisk. s Irinoi Volk.); Role in English: Investigative Journalist;

* Invisible Fight. (Nezrimyy Boy); Role: Kazakh Policeman

* On the Verge (Na Grani); Role: Pavel – Ambulance Doctor; Director: Sergey

* The Leap to Freedom. Escaped from the USSR. (Pryzhok k Svobode. Sbezhavshie iz SSSR.); Role: Groom's Friend

* Luxury Inspection. (Roskoshnaya Inspektziya); Role: Oligarch

* The Scientific Environment. (Nauchnaya Sreda); Role: Security Guard

* The Second Shock Army. Betrayed Army of Vlasov. (Vtoraya Udarnaya. Predannaya Armiya Vlasova); Role: Soldier of Second Shock Army; Director: Ivan Skvortsov; Cinematography: Vladimir Kaptur, Vadim Deev;

* The Investigation Led… with Leonid Kanevsky. A Nightmare on Riga Coast. Episode 171. (Sledstvie Veli… s Leonidom Kanevskim. Koshmar na Rizhskom Vzmorye); Role: Iver – Neighbor of Artist Peters Baladis; Director: Boris Fedorov; Cinematography: Alexey Kostyukov

* The Investigation Led… with Leonid Kanevsky. Lion’s Paw. Episode 157. (Sledstvie Veli… s Leonidom Kanevskim. Lvinaya Lapa.); Role: Bandit; Director: Boris Fedorov; Cinematography: Alexey Kostyukov;

* The Investigation Led… with Leonid Kanevsky. Little Angels. Episode 153. (Sledstvie Veli… s Leonidom Kanevskim. Malenkie Angely); Role: Razim Pashayev – Elena’s Husband; Director: Alexander Yaroslavtsev; Cinematography: Yakov Sudyin;

* The Fights. Part 7. A Woman Under the ‘Secret’ Seal. (Poedinki. Zhenshchina pod Grifon Sekretno; Patria); Role: Jew; Director: Algis Arlauskas

More Reenactments...


* The Pinochet Family. Episode 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 (Cheta Pinochetov); Role: ‘What? Where? When?’ Expert; Office Employee; Director: Roman Samgin; Cinematography: Sergey Pavlov, Rodion Gudkov

* The Pinochet Family. Clinic. (Cheta Pinochetov. Klinika.); Role: Elite Doctor; Director: (Vyacheslav) Slava Tyshchuk

* Valera TV. Toastmaster. Episode 10. (Valera TV. Tamada.); Role: Businessman; Director: Andrey Pershin

* Shurochka. (Shurochka); Role: Birthday Party Guest; Director: Maksim Masaltsev

* Happy End. Wooden Rifle. Episode 53; The Lord of War. Episode 59. (Schastlivy Konetz. Derevyannyy Stvol. Oruzheinyy Baron); Role: Buyer in the Gun Shop; Director: Yuriy Sidorenko

* Happy End. The Sensual Victim. Episode 56. (Schastlivy Konetz. Chuvstvennaya Poterpevshaya); Role: Courtroom Spectator; Director: Yuriy Sidorenko

* Attention Children. (Ostorozhno Deti; Eralash); Role: Minister; Director: Ilya Aksenov

* Oskolkovo. A Penny (Oskolkovo. Kopeyka.); Role: Tire Salesman; Director: Kyril Kuzin

* Nezlobin. Role: Parent; Director: Vsevolod Brodsky, Grigory Fedorov; Cinematography: Nikolay Smirnov, Andrey Vorobyov, Ivan Finogeev

More Sitcoms...

Short Films:

* Love Your Mama. (Lyubite Mamu). Supporting Lead: Driver of Armenian Mobster; Director: Ivan Bolokan;

* The 7th Heaven. (Na Sedmom Nebe); Role: Businessman; Director: Andrey Emelyanov

More Shorts...

Deleted Scenes:

* Misha spoils everything. Episode 6. (Misha Portit Vsyo); Role: Mafioso (Al Capone); Director: Alexander Boyko; Cinematography: (Kirill) Kir Begishev

* New Year Eve’s Flight (Novogodnyy Reys); Role: Manager; Director: Nana Djordzhadze

* At the Edge of Razor Blade (Po Lezviyu Britvy. Vera, Nadezhda, Sud'ba); Role: Croupier; Director: Sergey Kozhevnikov

* The Darkest Hour 3D (Fantom. Samiy Tyomnyy Chas.); Role: Businessman; Director: Chris Gorak

* Speak of the devil (Lyogok na Pomine). Role: Musician in the Orchestra Pit; Director: Evgeny Abyzov

* Pregnant (Beremennyy); Role: Gynecologist; Director: Sarik Andreasyan

* Dolly the Sheep Was Evil and Die Young (Ovechka Dolli Byla Zlaya I Rano Umerla). Role: Security Guard; Director: Alexey Pimanov

* The False Witness. Episode 2. (Lzhesvidetelnica); Role: Doctor; Director: Vladimir Dmitrievsky

* The Gold Reserve (Zolotoi Rezerv); Role: Doctor; Director: Dmitry Matod

More Deleted Scenes...

TV Commercials:

More Commercials...

TV Series:

* The Lawyer. Apple of Discord. Season 9. Episode 25. (Advokat. Prodolzhenie. Yabloko Razdora; Advocat); Role: Vakhtang Konstantinovich 'Buba' (Georgian) – Zaripov's Competitor; Director: Yuri Popovich; ;

* The Diary of Louise Lozhkina. Titmouse in Your Hands. Episode 15. (Dnevnik Luizy Lozhkinoy. Sinitza v Rukakh.); Role: Bloodthirsty Pathologist; Director: Anna Sarukhanova; ;

* Winged. Season 1. Episode 5. (Okrylyonnye); Role in English: Doctor at Palma de Mallorca Hospital; Director: Anna Pisanenko; ;

* Tatyana’s Night. Episode 2. (Tatyanina Noch); Role: Semyon Mikhailovich – Soviet Fashion Designer at ‘Kuznetsky Bridge’ Agency; Director: Victor Buturlin; ;

* Our Courtyard. Season 2. Episode 6. (A u Nas vo Dvore 2); Role: Maksud Maksudovich's Assistant; Director: Olga Muzaleva; ;

* The Old Accounts (Starie Scheti); Role: Kolosov Boris Sergeevich – Sports Association Director; Director: Stanislav Libin; ;

* Surveillance. Hotel. (Slezhka. Otel.); Role: Foreign Businessman; Director: Misha Kuzovenkov

* A Year in Tuscany (God v Toskane). Episode 1,3; Role: Zakharov – Oligarch on Lamborghini; Director: Andrey Selivanov

* The Water is Pure at the Source. Episode 1. (Chista Voda u Istoka); Role: Jury Member of the ‘Miss Mercy’ Beauty Contest; Director: Yuri Popovich; Cinematographer: Vladimir Zvezdochkin; ;

* The Fragrance of a Rosehip. (Aromat Shipovnika). Episode 31; Role: Guest at the Wedding; Director: Oleg Doska (Tatiana Miroshnik, Vadim Derbenev, Nikolai Victorov)

* Orlova and Alexandrov. Episode 11. (Orlova i Aleksandrov); Role: Hotel Guest; Director: Vitaly Moskalenko;

* Capture. Episode 6. (Zakhvat); Role: Andrey Fyodorov – Rally Organizer; Director: Eldar Salavatov

* Trace. Geometry of Love. Episode 1073. (Sled. Geometriya Lyubvi.); Role: Gleb Makarov – Cargo Company Senior Manager; Director: Andrey Razumovsky; Cinematography: Maxim Fedorin; ;

* Trace. It's Not Beer That's Ruining People. Episode 671. (Sled. Gubit Lyudei Ne Pivo.); Role: Emergency Physician; Director: Igor Kachaev

* Trace. Girl and Death. Episode 562. (Sled. Devochka i Smert.); Role: SWAT Officer; Director: Mikhail Gernevsky

* Trace. Word of Mouth. Episode 554. (Sled. Sarafannoe Radio.); Role: Fitness Club Administrator; Director: Dmitry Panchenko

* Trace. The Last Novel of Jana. Episode 512. (Sled. Poslednii Roman Yani.); Role: Book Buyer; Director: Dmitry Panchenko

* Missing (Propavshie Bez Vesti); Role: Stanislav Nikolaev's Double; Director: Natalia Novik

* Interns. Season 1. Episode 41. (Interny); Role: Kisegach's Alleged Lover; Director: Evgeny Nevsky

* Interns. Season 4. (Interny); Role: Doctor – Head of Neurology Department; Director: Dina Sturmanova

* Interns. Season 5. Episode 97. (Interny); Role: Doctor; Director: Dina Shturmanova

* Interns. Season 3. Episode 20. (Interny); Role: Emergency Physician; Director: Radda Novikova

* Legally Cop. Season 8. Episode 11. (Ment v Zakone 8); Role: Businessman; Director: Igor Romashchenko;

* Legally Cop. Season 8. Episode 4. (Ment v Zakone 8); Role: Emergency Physician; Director: Yuri Popovich

* Legally Cop. Season 5. Episode 8. (Ment v Zakone 5); Role: Businessman; Director: Sergei Polyansky

* Faithful Remedy 3 (Vernoe Sredstvo 3); Role: Doctor; Director: Anna Drannikova;

* The Bearded Man (Borodach) Episode 14; Role: Passenger at the Airport; Director: Zaur Bolotayev

* NonFormat (Neformat); Role: ‘Outdoor Channel’ Employee; Director: Anton Fedotov;

* Secrets of the Institute of Noble Maidens. Episode 230. (Tayny Instituta Blagorodnykh Devits); Role: Nobleman; Director: Sergey Danelyan, Sakhat Dursunov, Alexander I. Stroyev, Bata Nedich, Eduard Malkhasyan;

* Institute of Noble Maidens. Episode 205. (Institut Blagorodnykh Devits); Role: Nobleman; Director: Valery Rozhko; Camera: Egor Surovtsev;

* The Secret City. Wars Are Started by Losers. Season 1. Episode 3. (Taynyy gorod. Voini Nachinayut Neudachniki.); Role: Nav – Magic Character; Director: Director: Alexander Mokhov (Vinokurov S.); Cinematography: Sergey Nekrasov;;

* Faithful Remedy 2 (Vernoe Sredstvo 2); Role: Doctor; Director: Kubrinskaya

* Happy Route (Schastlivyy Marshrut); Role: Trolleybus Passenger ; Director: Victoria Derzhejtskaya;

* The Right to Love. (Pravo na Lyubov); Role: ‘Triumph’ Magazine Employee; Director: Igor Muzzhukhin, Armen Aarutyunyan-Yeletsky;

* The Traffic Light. Season 5. Episode 111. (Svetofor); Role: Business Class Passenger; Director: Roman Fokin

* The Traffic Light. Season 5. Episode 112. (Svetofor); Role: Actor at the Casting for TV Program ‘Morning is Good’; Director: Roman Fokin

* 10 Years Later (Desyat Let Spustya); Role: Santa Claus (Double); Director: Yuri Leizerov

* Stanitsa. Episode 6. (Stanitza); Role: Security Guard; Director: Vladimir Shevelkov; Cinematographer: Alexander Shchurok

* Legends of Krug. Episode 2. (Legendy o Kruge); Role: Bandit; Director: Timur Kabulov

* Champions. Episode 19. (Chempionki); Role: Doctor (Double); Director: Pavel Drozdov

* I Love While I’m Alive. Episode 1. (Poka Zhivu, Lyublyu.); Role: Guest at the Wedding; Director: Eduard Palmov;

* ‘Drop Dead Diva’. Episode 21. (Do Smerti Krasiva); Role: Lamborghini Buyer; Director: Ekaterina Dvigubskaya; Cinematography: Boris Litovchenko; ;

* Kill the Thrush. Episode 1. (Ubit Drozda); Role: ‘Sovoi’ Hotel Guest; Director: Dmitry Gerasimov;

* The Web. Synthetics. Season 6. Episode 18. Part 2. (Pautina 6. Sintetika.); Role: Drug Dealer; Director: Andrey Khrulev;

* Anechka. Episode 29. (Anechka); Role: Georgian Restaurant Guest; Director: Sergey Krasnov; Cinematography: Andrey Vatsura; ;

* Right to Protection. The Snowdrop. Episode 94 (Pravo na Zashitu. Podsnezhnik.); Role: Real-estate Agent; Director: Elena Kharchevnikova

* Teacher-in-Law. Return. (Uchitel v Zakone. Vozvrashchenie); Role: Doctor; Director: Sergey Vinogradov, Rustam Urazayev

* The Second Homicide. Blood Rush. Part 3. Episode 1. (Vtoroi Uboinii. KrovaviiPriliv.); Role: Ruslan Zaraev – Director of ‘The Rush Co.’; Director: Svyatoslav Vlasov;

* Criminal Investigation. Simple guys. Empties. Season 4. Episode 11. (UGRO. Prostye Parni. Porozhnyak.); Role: The Specialist; Director: Mikhail Galin, Marina Lubakova; Cinematography:Igor Buchnev

* Alibi Hope, Alibi Love. (Alibi Nadezhda, Alibi Lyubov); Role: Customer; Director: Sergey Alyoshchkin

* The Case of Investigator Nikitin. The Trap. Episode 7. (Delo Sledovatelya Nikitina. Lovushka.);Role: Interpreter of Mrs. Friedrichson ; Directors: Vladimir Krasnopolsky, Valery Uskov; Cinematography: Bakhodir Yuldashev; ;

* I Believe in It. Episode 4. (Veryu); Role: Neighbor; Director: Alexandra Butko

* Everyone is for Himself. Episode 1. (Kazhdyi Za Sebya); Role: Businessman; Director: Roman Prosvirin

* Katya’s Love. Episode 43. (Katina Lyubov); Role: Mujahideen in Afghan Field Hospital; Director: (Vasiliy) Vasya Senin;

* Katya’s Love. Season 2. (Katina Lyubov); Role: Casino Player’s Friend; Director: Anna Drannikova

* Give Me Sunday. Episode 6. (Podari Mne Voskresen'ye). Role: Doctor; Director: Dmitry Bulin

* Sklifosovsky. Season 1. Episode 13 (Sklif); Role: Patient; Director: Andrey Selivanov

* Someone Else's Dreams. Episode 4. (Chuzhie Mechti); Role: Referee; Director: Alexander Daruga; Cinematography: Alexander Shubin; ;

* The Investigative Committee. The Black Colonel. Episode 15. (Sledstvennyy Komitet. Cherny Polkovnik.); Role: Journalist; Director: Yuri Popovich; Cinematography: Eugene Petrov;

* Mistress of My Fate. Episodes 3, 24, 49. (Khozyayka Moey Sudby) Role: French Aircraft Technician; Director: Igor Voytulevich, Alexander Imakin

* The Tower. New People. Season 2. Episode 6. (Bashnya. Novye Lyudi.); Role: Casino Player; Director: Denis Neymand

* Short Course of a Happy Life. Episode 14. (Kratkiy Kurs Schastlivoy Zhizni); Role: Art Exhibition Visitor; Director: Valeriya Gay Germanika

* The Gift. (Dar); Role: Doctor; Director: Ekaterina Granitova-Lavrovskaya, Alexey Girba, Vitaliy Babenko, Anna Pisanenko, Igor Vetrov, Sergey Danelyan

* The Right to the Truth. Episode 10. (Pravo na Pravdu); Role: Emergency Physician; Director: Stanislav Nazirov;

* The Best Summer of Our Lives. Episode 1. (Luchshee Leto v Nashey Zhizni); Role: Animal Tamer; Director: Svetlana Muzychenko;

* University. New Hostel. Season 1. Episode 5. (Univer. Novaya Obshaga.); Role: Modern Art Exhibition Visitor; Director: Konstantin Smirnov

* No Statute of Limitations. Undisclosed cases. Episode 6. (Bez Sroka Davnosti. Neraskritie Dela.) Role: Judge; Director: Mikhail Kabanov

* Twenty Years Without Love. Episode 9. (20 Let Bez Lyubvi); Role: Art Exhibition Visitor; Director: Alexey Rudakov;

* Caramel. Episode 7. (Karamel); Role: French Club Member; Director: Fluza Farkhshatova, Ulanbek Bayalyev

* Prediction (Predskazanie). Role: Participant of ‘Be Healthy’ Award Ceremony; Director: Vladimir Fatyanov

* Swallow's Nest (Lastochkino Gnezdo); Role: Academician at Shulman’s Party; Director: Dmitry Tyurin;

* Marussia. Trials. Season 3. Episode 73. (Marusya. Ispytaniya.); Role: Ministry of Emergencies Rescuer; Director: Michael Sapunoff

* Gamers. (Geimery); Role: Bolivian Drug Dealer; Director: Mikhail Shevchuk

* Angel on Duty. Season 2. Episode 1. (Dezhurnyy Angel. Chast Vtoraya.); Role: Semyon Vladimirovich – Millionaire, Art Connoisseur; Director: Oleg Safaraliyev

* Comrades Policeman. Homicide Department. Someone Else's Game. Fraudsters. Episode 16. (Tovarishchi Politseyskie. Chuzhaya Igra.); Role: Head of Investment Management Company ‘Oil Transit Project’ NTP; Director: Konstantin Frolov; Cinematography: Ilya Pugachev; ;

* Comrades Policeman. Homicide Department. Operational Experiment. Inquisitors. Episode 12. (Tovarishchi Politseyskie. Operativnyy Experiment.); Role: Friend of Vadim Borisovich Pavlov; Director: Sergey Tereshchuk

* Comrades Policeman. 13th department. 360 minutes. Episode 8. (Tovarishchi Politseyskie. 360 minut.); Role: Architectural Commission Member; Director: (Michael) Misha Kalmykov; Camera: Egor Surovtsev;

* Pretty Boy. (Krasavchik); Role: Architect; Director: Alexander Chernykh;

* Petrovitch. The Queen. Episode 22. (Petrovich. Koroleva.); Role: Krasnov's Bodyguard; Director: Gennady Baysak, Georgi Gavrilov, Alexander Shchurok

* Inspector Cooper. The Classmates. Episode 1. (Inspektor Kuper. Odnoklassniki.); Role: Kostya – The Security Guard; Director: Anton Koskov; Cinematography: Alexey Arsente; ;

* Maiden Hunt. Episode 13. (Devichya Okhota); Role: Director of ‘Semafor co.’, Client of ‘Grand Guarant Insurance Co.’; Director: Ulanbek Bayaliev (Sergey Mezentsev, Denis Carro, Igor Larin, Oleg Yumov);

* Moscow. Three Railway Stations. Peekaboo. Season 3. Episode 12. (Moskva. Tri Vokzala. Igra v Pryatki.); Role: Parent; Director: Andrey Kanivchenko; Cinematography: Oleg Ikhlov; ;

* Moscow. Three Railway Stations. Final Diagnosis. Season 2. Episode 18. (Moskva. Tri Vokzala. Okonchatelnyy Diagnoz.); Role: Strip Club Visitor; Director: Andrey Kanivchenko

* Volkov’s Hour. Hussar’s Matchmaking. Season 5. Episode 23. (Chas Volkova. Svatovstvo Gusara.); Role: Bodyguard of Deputy Peter Sergeevich; Director: Alexander Grabar

* Volkov’s Hour. The Age of Aquarius. Season 5. Episode 28; Role: Bodyguard of Kostya Kusok’s Wife; Director: Alexander Grabar

* Lavrova's Method. Black Eyes. Season 1. Episode 22. (Metod Lavrovoy. Chyornie Glaza.); Role: Vladimir Shakirov – Son-In-Law of The Head of Colonies, a Close Friend of Jeweler Vadim Viktorovich; Director: (Vladislav) Vlad Nikolaev ;

* Golden Skies Role: Skier; Director: Yulia Krasnova

* Spouses. Frenchman. Season 1. Episode 84 (Suprugi. Frantzuz.); Role: Kurepov Vladislav Yurievich – Frenchman’s Former Lawyer (aka Vladimir Postnikov); Director: Ivan Shchegolev

* Spouses. A Cry from the Past. Season 1. Episode 28. (Suprugi. Krik iz Proshlogo.); Role: Spouse; Director: Vladimir Shteryanov

* Signs of Fate. Death on the Podium. Season 3. Episode 25. (Znaki Sudbi. Smert na Podiume.); Role: Club-Goer; Director: Mikhail Zhernevsky; Cinematography: Oleg Rakov

* Signs of Fate. Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery. Season 3. Episode 11. (Znaki Sudbi. Ne Prelyubodeistvui.); Role: Client of the ‘Loyalty’ Psychological Center; Director: Oleg Doska; Cinematography: Oleg Rakov

* Signs of Fate. A Bloody Wedding. Season 3. Episode 7. (Znaki Sudbi. Krovavaya Svadba.); Role: Relative of the Bride; Director: Alexey Kitaytsev; Cinematography: I. Pugachev

* The White Crow. Episode 2. (Belaya Vorona); Role in English: Foreigner; Director: Sergei Bystritsky; Cinematography: Dmitry Yesipov; ;

* Dusty Work. Episode 2. (Pylnaya Rabota); Role: Emergency Physician; Director: Igor Romashchenko; Cinematography: Vladimir Volodin; ;

*Pre-Trial. Kidnapping of the Bride. Episode 76. (Do Suda. Pohishcheniye Nevesti.); Role: Groom's Brother; Director: Kazbek Meretukov

* Syomin. Retribution. Episode10 (Siomin. Vozmezdie; Semin); Role: Journalist; Director: Sergey Lialin;

* The Wild. Season 2. Episode 18. (Dikiy 2); Role: Bandit; Director: Artyom Mazunov

* Once Upon a Time in Rostov. Episode 8. (Odnazhdi v Rostove); Role: Visitor in a Hat; Director: Konstantin Khudyakov

* The Soldiers' Tales of Sasha Black. Episode 4. (Soldatskie Skazki Sashi Chernogo); Role: Movie Chronicler; Director: Dmitry Fedorov; Cinematography: Yan Voronovsky; ;

* Ahead of the Shot. Episode 8. (Operezhaya Vystrel); Role: Office Employee; Director: Mikhail Khleborodov

* Forensic Experts. Personal Motives. Episode 5 (Sudmedeksperty. Lichnie Motivi). Role: Psychiatrist; Director: Yuri Morozov;

* The Profile of a Killer. The Phantom. Season 1. Chapter 6. Episode 2 (Profil ubiytsy. Fantom.); Role: ‘Kommertzopper’ – Man With an Envelope; Director: Vladimir Koyfman; Cinematography: Alexey Karpukhin; ;

* The Goddeses of Justice. Episode 4. (Bogini Pravosudiya); Role: Oligarch – Guest on the Children's Birthday; Director: Yulia Pankosyanova

* The Hack. (Bombila) Episoode 1, 12, 14.; Role: Bombila – Taxi Driver; Director: Alexander Kalugin; Cinematography: Valery Tsybin;

* Marussia. Season 1. Episode 77. (Marusya); Role: Arab Sheikh – Head of a Leading Wine Business; Director: Yury Leiserov; Cinematography: Nikolay Tsarkov; ;

* ‘Witch Doctor. Hunting with no Rules.’ Season 2 Episode 18 (Znahar 2. Ohota bez Pravil); Role: Sniper (Haddid's Man); Director: Boris Kazakov (Boris Kon’);

* ‘Witch Doctor. Hunting with no Rules.’ Season 2 Episode 3 (Znahar 2. Ohota bez Pravil); Role: Haddid's Man; Director: Boris Kazakov (Boris Kon’)

* The Precinct. Episode 6. (Uchastkovyy); Role: Aggressive Guy in a Restaurant; Director: Alexander Stroyev, Mikhail Kabanov;

* Manipulator; Role: Admirer of the Singer Isabelle; Director: Alexander Semin (Film was not finished)

* Office of Homeland Security (Upravlenie Sobstvennoi Bezopasnosti; USB); Role: Dmitry Svetilnikov – Corrupt Detective; Director: Kirill Kemnitz (Film was not finished)

* All to the Better. Load of Worries. Episode 61. (Vsyo k Luchshemu. Zhest.); Role: Georgian; Director: Ekaterina Granitova-Lavrovskaya; Cinematography: Vladislav Berkovets; ;

* All to the Better. Episode 156. (Vsyo k Luchshemu); Role: Chief Manager; Director: Vitaly Babenko

* Bullet Fool. Emerald Case of an Agent. Season 5. Episode 4. (Pulya-Dura 5. Izumrudnoje Delo Agenta.); Role: Doctor; Director: Vladimir Dimitrevsky;

* Varenka 3. In Sorrow and in Joy. Episodes 5, 6, 11, 12. (Varenka 3. I v Gore I v Radosti.); Role: Gypsy; Director: Valeryy Devyatiov;

* The Evidence. Episode 6. (Uliki); Role: Superstar Tamazov; Director: Oleg Filipenko; Cinematography: Vadim Konishchev; ;

* Kamenskaya 6. A Simple Combination. Part 2. (Kamenskaya Shest. Prostaya Kombinatsiya.); Role: Neighbor; Director: Marat Kim, Egor Anashkin;

* Nuts. Season 2. Episode 21. (Choknutaya); Role: Father at the Maternity Home; Director: Elina Suni;

* Nuts. Season 2. Episode 23. (Choknutaya); Role: Groom in the Registry Office; Director: Elina Suni;

* The Lecturer. Sacrifice.’ Episode 7. (Lektor. Zhertvoprinoshenie.); Role: CIA Agent; Director: Vadim Shmelev; Cinematography: Andrey Gurkin;

* The Tower. Season 1. Episode 9 (Bashnya 1); Role: Miner Rescuer; Director: Denis Neimand; Cinematography: Fedor Lyass; ;

* Once Upon a Time in Odessa. The Life and Times of Mishka Yaponchik. Episode 12. (Odnazhdi v Odesse. Zhizn i priklyucheniya Mishki Yaponchika); Role: Red Army Soldier, Former Criminal; Director: Sergey Ginsburg;

* The Last Minute. A New Life. Episode 4. (Poslednyaya Minuta. Novaya Zhizn.); Role: Business Centre Employee; Director: Alexei Treiman;

* Memoirs of Secret Chancery’s Forwarding Agent. Revenge. Season 2. Episode 5. (Zapiski Ekspeditora Taynoy Kantselyarii. Mest.); Role: Pirate; Director: Oleg Ryaskov;

* Garages. Hummer. Episode 1. (Garazhi. Hamer.); Role: Used Cars Salesman; Director: Yuri Kuzmenko; ;

Dove. Episode 1. (Golubka); Role: Impresario of Witold Sabelnikov; Director: Roman Prosvirin

* Vendetta in Russian. Godmother's Daughter. Episode 7. (Vendetta po-Russki. Krestnaya Doch.); Role: Lover; Director: Oleg Turansky; ;

* Amazons. The Perfect Robbery. Season 1. Episode 5. (Amazonki. Idealnoe Ograblenie.); Role: Boxing Coach; Director: Evgeny Lavrentyev; ;

* The Lawyer. Sweet Smoke. Season 8. Episode 5 (Advokat 8. Sladkiy Dym; Advocat.); Role: Member of the ‘Sweet Smoke’ Gentleman’s Club; Director: Alexander Zakharenkov

* Captain of the Metro Police. Episode 1 (Kapitan Politzii Metro); Role: Italian Delegation Member; Director: Alexey Feoktistov; Cinematography: Yuri Bekhterev;

* Bones. Episode 6. (Kosti); Role: Court Officer; Director: Philip Korshunov, Victor Bozhinov, Dmitry Kiselev, Anton Bormatov, Pavel Bardin, Grigory Fedorov Philip; Cinematography: Anton Bakarsky, Andrey Vakorin;

* Leave to return. Episode 5. (Uyti, Chtoby Vernutsya); Role: Investor in a Forum of Construction Companies; Director: Egor Anashkin; Cinematography: Vladimir Volodin;

* Russian Affairs. Season 2. Episode 6. (Soderzhanki); Role: Oligarch; Director: Darya Zhuk;

* Family Business. Season 1. Episode 5. (Semeynyy Biznes); Role: Parent; Director: Alexey Chistikov;

* The Temptation. Episode 5. (Soblazn; Raskayanie); Role: Fashion Show Guest; Director: Olga Subbotina;

* Smile of a Mockingbird. Episode 5. (Ulybka Peresmeshnika); Role: Oligarch at a Banquet; Director: Alexey Rudakov;

* Cancelation of All Restrictions. Episode 15. (Otmena Vsekh Ogranicheniy); Role: Model Agency Employee; Director: Stanislav Nazirov;

* Fierce. Episode 8 (Lyutyy; IceMan); Role: Detective; Director: (Stanislav) Stas Mareev;

* Veronica. Lost Happiness. Episode 5. (Veronika. Poteryannoe Shchaste.); Role: Guest at the Wedding; Director: Miroslav Malich;

* Gyulchatay. In the Name of Love. Season 2. Episode 5 (Gulchatai. Radi Lyubvi.); Role: Parent – Soccer Fan; Director: Roman Prosvirin;

* The Crown of Creation. Episode 2. (Venec Tvoreniya); Role: Office Employee; Director: Aleksandr Vysokovskiy; Cinematography: Sergey Politik;

* Stranger Among His Own. Episode 8. (Chuzhoi Sredi Svoikh); Role: Guest at the Wedding; Director: Leonid Plyaskin

* Insomnia. The First blood. Episode 7. (Bessonnitsa. Pervaya Krov.); Role: Clandestine Fights Gambler; Director: Andrey Marmontov (D. Tarasenko);

* Do Not Make Girls Angry. Episode 2. (Ne Zlite Devochek); Role: Restaurant Visitor in Turkey; Director: Irina Bychkova; Cinematography: Ilya Boyko (Konstantin Churakov)

* Registry Office. Episode 5. (ZAGS); Role: Registry Office Visitor; Director: Artyom Nasybulin; Cinematography: Oleg Floppin, Maxim Mikhanyuk, Oleg Moshchelkov;

* To Live On. Episode 3. (Zhit Dalshe); Role: Guest at the Banquet; Director: Nurbek Egen; Cinematography: Dmitry Ermakov

* The Kitchen. Season 1. Episode 6, 10, 12, 13. (Kukhnya); Role: ‘Claude Monet’ Restaurant Visitor; Director: Dmitry Dyachenko; Cinematography: Sergey Dyshuk

* The Kitchen. Season 3. Episode 8. (Kuhnia; Kukhnya); Role: Golf Club Member; Director: Dmitry Dyachenko; Cinematography: Sergey Dyshuk

* If You Love – Forgive. Episode 1. (Esli Lyubish – Prosti) [Family and Other Miscarriages of Justice]; Role: Guest at the 10th Anniversary of Julia And Edik’s Wedding; Director: Olga Dobrova-Kulikova; Cinematography: Ivan Pomorin;

* Kiss the Bride. Episode 9. (Poceluyte Nevestu); Role: Divorcing Husband; Director: Guzel Kireeva; Cinematography: Sergey Vorontsov, Alexander Goncharov;

* Karpov. Monsters. Season2. Episode 5; Role: Guest at the Wedding; Director: Ivan Shchyogolev, Sergey Lesogorov; Cinematography: Sergey Waltsov;

* "My Wife's Girlfriends. Jury Trial." Season 19. Episode 45. (Chemi Colis Daqalebi); Role: Gela - Defense Witness; Director: Giorgi Liponava; Cinematography: Lasha Evgenidze;

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Actor Andrey Da! News

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* Monday, April 5, 2021 'Eldorado: Andrey Da! & Dzhigurda' is out

'Eldorado. Dzhigurda.' TV Commercial

Role: Head of Laboratory (Crazy Professor)

Director: Felix Umarov

Cinematography: Mikhail Khasaya

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'Eldorado. Vitas.' TV Commercial

Role: Head of Laboratory (Crazy Professor)

Director: Felix Umarov

Cinematography: Mikhail Khasaya

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* Monday, January 11, 2021 at 10:45 'Spyfall' is out

Spyfall 'Damask. The Spy Story.'

Lead: Eli Cohen – Israeli Spy

Director: Mikhail Barynin

Cinematography: Dmitry Tararako, Serafim Fedorov, Alexey Posysaev

Mysterious film and the Syrian spy wars in the 60s.

Watch 'Spyfall' Damask. The Spy Story. English Trailer

The film showing Israel’s top spy has been discovered in a Moscow flat. Elusive Eli Cohen was thought to report each step of Syria’s influential politicians to Israel’s Mossad. Researchers are investigating how Cohen could be captured on film, and who filmed him.

'Spyfall' Damask. The Spy Story. Full Film (Unfortunately only in Russian yet)

Mysterious film footage found in a Moscow flat sheds light on long-forgotten spy games in Syria back in the 1960s. At the time, the country was almost being torn apart by the activities of Western and Soviet intelligence, and Israeli spy Eli Cohen was thought to be pulling strings in the country as tension grew in the Arab world. But how did he come to be captured on film? And who was it who managed to film the man who was probably the most top-secret hunted foreign agent in Syria at that time...

* Sunday, October 11, 2020 at 3:13 AM EST 'Dary Kubani' is out

Dary Kubani TV Commercial

'Dary Kubani. Power of The Sun.'

Role: Journalist

Director: Marat Adelshin

Cinematography: Marat Adelshin

This is not what you thought. It's not even what it looks like at all!

I don't know who was the first to make this video publicly available with the hashtag:




But at first, everything seemed to be going well, and I would say very well! The bright spring sunny summer day was shining, despite the fact that in a couple of weeks, perhaps the inevitable September will finally come. Already for several months the mythical cowrona virus, not sparing neither the elderly, but children, continued to rage (COWrona is not a milka chocolate TV Commercial).

As a self-respecting Journalist, not suspecting anything, I calmly conducted another hysterical report from the bottom of my heart behind the scenes at the back door of the hot spot, hoping that it would be shown on four TVs at once. Some crazy people incomprehensibly ran somewhere back and forth blindly obeying as if by magic under the waves of the conductor's hands, who, as it later turned out, was not the conductor at all, but the famous director Marat Adelshin, who once upon a time, in ancient times, in the literal sense of the word, was filming Timur Bekmambetov's  studio Bazelevse's film 'Lucky Trouble', together with the equally famous Movie Director Leo Gabriadze (also known as Gedevan Alexandrovich, aka 'The Violinist is not needed', aka the son of the famous director Rezo Gabriadze, generally speaking total Kin-dza-dza!) with  Mila Jovovich, [IMDb Top 5000] Ivan UrgantKostya Khabensky and other stars of domestic cinematography. Unfortunately, only my hands remained in this film – the body parts double of which I was in it. But as Kanevsky says from 'Investigation Led... with Leonid Kanevsky' 'It's a completely different story'.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a horse appeared in the fog, which, apparently, have not found the hedgehog from the previous advertizement video of Gifts of Kuban (Dary Kubany), which, probably at that moment, was biting the Cucumber at SPA procedures, also suddenly disappeared like a thunderbolt among the clear blue sky, which, after a long wait, nevertheless did not take long. Another player of the old 'Little Fingers' team – 'Cockeye'(Kosoy) (Cock-eye is not a poultry division) has also got in on the court. True, he grew up a little and no longer began to amaze the people with tricks in the style of 'Shaolin Soccer' and this time on the set they did not clamp his head with tripods in front of the camera 'in a vice', but had received a raise to the level of the truck from which he, exercising marksmanship, was scattering the generous green Gifts of the Kuban over the crowd, maddened by the May, but still golden rain, which unexpectedly begun exactly on the call sheet, as it is customary in our domestic cinema, only a couple of hours late, in early August. This has never happened before, and now again...

But, in spite of everything, I courageously continued to report, gnawing green apples under the bronze shower of apple juice from the Gifts of Kuban (Dary Kubani). All there would be nothing, but slowly and suddenly for myself I began to realize that only the laces on my patent leather shoes remained dry, only because I had taken them off in advance and left in the dressing room to dressers to iron, which I hurried to pick up, 'Before it has not yet begun'. And then 'it has begun'.

With the onset of darkness, it turned out that no one on the set, even those who during the whole shooting day looked kind and even friendly, probably because of deep makeup and even more generous gifts of filming buffet, agreed to exchange my wet panties, soaked in the generous Gifts of the Kuban which, as it turned out, hold only half a plastic glass of liquid, for their own dry ones.

Moreover, no one had a dry towel, like many other irreplaceable things in such a situation, as is traditionally accepted on Russian film sets. Therefore, in order not to embarrass the neighbors, passers-by and the employees of the adjacent business center who for some reason, were absent from the workplace on the day off, so I had to dry them right on myself. Fortunately, heater was accidentally wedged in, despite the summer season, in the 'treasuries' of the production designers. The blood, previously frozen in the veins, gradually began to circulate, and, as it turned out, the 'blower' job was done best in those places where the hot air was hitting the pants. But I could not imagine, even in a nightmare that in peacetime in the center of Moscow in the summer weekday off smoothly turning into evening, 'partisans where holed up in the shrubbery'. You know rest of the story...

No animals, but lots of vintage costumes harmed during the filming.

Article by Andrey Da!

* October 1, 2019 Actor Andrey Da! stars in the film 'Julia Nachalova. Last Days Story.'

Nachalova. Last Days Story.

Julia Nachalova. Last Days Story.

Role: Restaurant Owner in Los Angeles

Production: Channel 1

Production of the film 'Julia Nachalova. Last Days Story.' was temporary frozen due to coronavirus pandemic.

* April 14, 2014 'Insomnia' is out

Insomnia. The First blood.

Insomnia. The First blood. Episode 7. (Bessonnitsa. Pervaya Krov.)

Role:  Clandestine Fights Gambler

Director: Andrey Marmontov (D. Tarasenko)

Cinematography: (Maria) Masha Solovieva, Alexey Berkovich

Human body cannot exist indefinitely without sleep. In one of the underground casinos, more like a secret club, only the richest, most influential and the most saturated ones play. Those who are ready to put whole fortunes on red, if the red is blood. A new tote was created for them, based on the game "Insomnia", which is held only once a year. Casino customers, risk millions making their bets, but players risk much more. Only the last one of 10 players, who did not fall asleep and survived is the winner. And it cannot be said that participation in the game is completely voluntary...

Plot Summary by Andrey Da!

* April 26, 2013 Article in Federal Scale Newspaper 'Komsomolskaya Pravda' is out

Movie Director J.J. ABRAMS: 'Everyone's mad that 'Lost' ended this way'

Moscow met director J.J. Abrams with a downpour, worse than in the Lost series.

Author: Elena Lapteva

The director of the best series presented the second part of "Star Trek" in Moscow.

J.J. Abrams was known among journalists as a bugaboo. But I was lucky – the interview with him was transferred from the "official" room to the roof of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in the Russian capital. The great movie director lived through everything, whether I was freezing, whether to order water for me, and enjoyed the fresh air, and I kept trying to understand how he had enough time and brains for everything. He is involved in a lot of interesting projects over the past 10 years – the TV series 'Lost' (known in Russia as 'Ostatsya v zhivikh'). Plus "Mission Impossible", "Armageddon", "Beyond the Boundary", etc. And now he has two fantastic (both on the canvas and on the budget) projects – "Star Trek" and "Star Wars". He is just getting ready to shoot the last motion picture, but he brought the second part of Star Trek (the first one was released in 2009) to Russia.

– Why Star Trek? Who only did not reshoot this series of the 60s ...

– For me it was an opportunity to tell an amazing story in a new way. Somewhat old-fashioned, but which can make you scream in fear for the hero. I used 3D cameras and it turned out to be incredible.

– Those who watched Star Trek in their youth then went to work at NASA. Do you want your film to change the world?

– I really like the main idea of ​​this film. Exactly the same, by the way, as in Lost. The main thing is the command, and any accident can completely change the course of events in one direction or another.

– By the way, about Lost ... You were the only person in the world who knew how the series would end!

– For many years, people tormented me with one question: “Well, how will it end?" And so it ended, and now they say: "God, why is it over!" – and are angry that the ending is just like that. In general, you will not please!

Article by Elena Lapteva

* August 2011 Comrades Policeman. 360 minutes. is out

360 minutes

Comrades Policeman. 13th department. 360 minutes. Episode 8. (Tovarishchi Politseyskie. 360 minut.)

Role: Architectural Commission Member

Director: (Michael) Misha Kalmykov

Cinematography: Egor Surovtsev

Kudryavtsev gives his gun to Nikolai Zvonarev in a locker room for storage in the guise of a valuable gift. Zvonarev puts the pistol with his architectural project in his super reliable Japanese locks case and puts it in the locker. After the game, it turns out that the case was gone. After 6 hours, Zvonarev must hand over his project to architectural commission, and Kudryavtsev already has a second loss of weapons, which threatens with big trouble. Semyon has 360 minutes and a mate to find the criminal and the contents of the case...

Plot Summary by Andrey Da!

* July 09, 2011 'Black Tights' is out

Black Tights

The Investigation Led… with Leonid Kanevsky. Black Tights. Episode 174. (Sledstvie Veli… s Leonidom Kanevskim. Chyornie Chulki.)

Casting Director: Andrey Da!

Director: Boris Fedorov

Cinematography: Alexey Kostyukov

In the late 80s a horrible 'epidemic' began in Rostov Region. One by one, 37 maniacs have begun to appear. Black tights were bait for one of them. The first victim of Taganrog maniac, Anya Lineberger, was only 16 years old. The girls' mothers scared their daughters with him all the time. The police were looking for him, but he was figured out by...

Plot Summary by Andrey Da!

* June 03, 2011 'A Nightmare on Riga Coast' is out

A Nightmare on Riga Coast

The Investigation Led… with Leonid Kanevsky. A Nightmare on Riga Coast. Episode 171. (Sledstvie Veli… s Leonidom Kanevskim. Koshmar na Rizhskom Vzmorye)

Role: Iver – Neighbor of Artist Peters Baladis

Casting Director: Andrey Da!

Director: Boris Fedorov

Cinematography: Alexey Kostyukov

In 1991, a series of so-called Bling Ring burglaries began in Leningrad Region and in Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic, with house owners being killed. The famous Soviet and Russian actress of theater and cinema, People's Artist of the USSR Alisa Freyndlikh, miraculously escaped killing in brazen robbery...

Plot Summary by Andrey Da!

* May 27, 2011 'A Knife and a Fork' is out

A Knife and a Fork

'The Investigation Led… with Leonid Kanevsky. A Knife and a Fork' Season 1. Episode 170.

Casting Director: Andrey Da!

Director: Boris Fyodorov

Cinematography: Alexey Kostyukov

In 1982, in Valmiera (Latvian SSR), Veeya Baders the wife of a local prison director was slaughtered. It's suspected that cutlery was used. Was it the revenge of the prisoners? Is famous rally racer Albert Ansveld involved or it's just warden's driver. Whom was the murder orchestrated by? Was the jailbird Pyotr Alekseev the perpetrator or somebody just wanted to eliminate the competitor? These and many other questions, investigation will reveal...

Plot Summary by Andrey Da!

* May 20, 2011 'Absolute Evil' is out

Absolute Evil

'The Investigation Led… with Leonid Kanevsky. Absolute Evil' Season 1. Episode 168.

Casting Director: Andrey Da!

Director: Boris Fyodorov.

Cinematography: Alexey Kostyukov

In 1967 in 'Northern Capital of Russia' Leningrad a series of brutal murders occurred in the Obvodny Canal area. A mystical symbol of absolute evil was left by the criminal at each crime scene. Several people were arrested in this case, but none of them were involved. Meanwhile Vasily Filippenko was arrested and convicted in Crimea for attempted rape. While serving this sentence, he bragged that he knew who killed the girls in Leningrad. The information reached the detectives, and Filippenko was convoyed back to Leningrad...

Plot Summary by Andrey Da!

* May 16, 2011 'The Hack' is out

The Hack

'The Hack' Episoode 1, 12, 14. (Bombila)

Director: Alexander Kalugin

Cinematography: Valery Tsybin

Former commando Artyom Gorokhov accused of killing a major businessman. No one believes that Artyom is an ordinary "Hack", and not a super-killer. Artem faces life imprisonment. But the cheerful Artem is able to find a non-standard way out of any situation. Artyom's main weapon is an excellent sense of humor, which helps him to survive in difficult situations, to escape from the pre-trial detention center and expose the plans of the drug business bigwigs. Artyom is pursued by a gang of drug dealers and detectives from the special investigations department. But catching a taxi driver is not so simple...

Plot Summary by Andrey Da!

* February 2011 ‘Independence’ is out


‘Independence’ Doctor Isaev's Clinic TV Commercial

Lead: Patient

Casting Director: Andrey Da!

Director: Alan Kasoev

Cinematography: Alan Kasoev

* January 3, 2011 'Nuts' is out


'Nuts' Season 2. Episode 21 (Choknutaya)

Role: Father at the Maternity Home

Director: Elina Suni

Cinematography: Andrey Lebedyansky, Anatoly Petriga

Police captain Yekaterina Kerzhakova travels all day around the outskirts of the small Ural village of Kerzhatsk. Everything here is familiar from childhood. She is respected by petty crooks and seasoned criminals. Katya is accustomed to lone criminal weekdays, and, it seems, nothing will change the current way of life over the years. But unexpected news dramatically change Katya's fate. Probably, for the first time in her life, she is so confused and cannot understand what to do now. Katya is pregnant. The father of the child is a married man. Mother condemns her, and for fellow villagers she becomes the object of ridicule and bullying. Everything that was near and dear became suddenly alien and hostile. With pain in her heart, Katya leaves her home and leaves for Moscow.

Plot Summary by Andrey Da!

Actor Andrey Da! Resume

Actor Andrey Da! Resume

Andrey Da! Actor Model

Andrey Da! Actor

Years of Experience, Fluent in 4 Languages!

Playing in Movies, TV Series, Commercials and Music Videos.

Ready for Your Call...

+7 915 469 7427

More than Hundred IMDb Credits, Dozens of Bit Parts, Supporting Roles and Leads in Different Languages in Feature Films, Television Serials, Documentary Reenactments, TV Commercial and Music Videos.

Years of multifaceted experience with Hollywood Actors, Directors, Producers, Music Stars, and other Local and World-Famous Celebrities.

Additional material by request...

Ethnic appearance: European

Physical attributes: Male, 6’2”

Clothing size: L - XL

Hair color: Dark

Eye color: Brown

Age range: Perform 30 - 45

Spoken languages: English, Hebrew, Russian, Georgian

Marital status: Single

Actor Andrey Da! Portfolio:

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Actor Andrey Da! Education:

2022 – School of Radio and Television ‘On Shabolovka’. Specialty: TV-Radio Live Broadcast Presenter.

VOICEOVER of TV Commercials. Mentor: Maxim Lisovsky, Dmitry Bakin.

VOICEOVER of Movies. Mentor: Tatyana Mukhina.

VOICEOVER of Cartoons. Mentor: Vyacheslav Gulivitsky, Ivan Latushko.

RADIO. Live Radio Broadcast; Radio Show, Interview, Interactive, Improvisation, Eyeliner training.

Mentor: Semyon Chaika, Uliana Medvedeva, Max Filin, Alexander Tkemaladze, Maxim Andreev, Kirill Klychev.

TELEVISION. TV news; Interview, Show program; Working on camera as a news anchor.

Mentor: Irina Khokhloma, Victoria Lukashova, Vladimir Belyakov, Anna Nevskaya, Denis Chizhov, George Vinogradov, Irina Khokhloma.

ACTING SKILLS. Technique of speech, Logic of speech. Mentor: Sergey Lyashenko, Dmitry Bakin, Yaseniya Bogacheva.

2016 – Serghey Bazarov's Acting School. Mentor: Andrey Rysyev, Serghey Lavrentyev. Specialty: Actor.

2015 – ‘Actor 2.0’ Intensive Course. Specialty: Actor. Mentor: Saeed Dashuk-Nygmatulin.

2014 – ‘Acting by Lee Strasberg's System’ Training Course. Specialty: Actor. Mentor: Victoria Shcherban.

2010 – ‘Rainbow Event Management’. Animator Courses. Specialty: Animator. Mentor: Olga Semaforova.

2009 – ‘Commercial Model. The Quick Start’. Specialty: Model. Mentor: Andrey Bragin.

1997 – ‘Mesikha’ Theater School. Tel Aviv, Israel. Specialty: Actor. Mentor: Moshe Cohen.

1989 – Ballroom Dancing School. Specialty: Dancer. Choreographer: George Sanadze.

Actor Andrey Da! Size Card

Actor Andrey Da! Size Card

Andrey Da! Actor Model

*** USA ***

Body type: Average

Height: 6'1.5"

Weight: 194 Lbs.

Shirt: XL

Sleeve: 36"

Neck: 19.5"

Jacket Chest: 43-44"

Jacket Length: R (40")

Inseam: 34"

Shoes Length: 14.5"

Shoes Width: D (5.5")

Waist: 41-42"

Hips: 44-45"

Shoes: 13 (11.5")

Hat: 7-7,1/4 (23")

Gloves: LG 8

Rings: 12.5-13 (2.75")

Bracelet: XL (5.25")

*** UK ***

Height 6’ 1.6220″ (Ft In) – (6.1352 Feet)

Chest Size (inches): 44

Shirt Size: XL

Collar Size (inches): 19.5

Waist Size (inches): 41

UK Shoe Size: 10.5

Inside Leg (inches): 34

*** EUR ***

Shoes: 45 1/3 EUR


Suit and sport coat sizes have one number and one letter (for example: 38S, 40R, 42L)

Corresponding size table for men's outerwear

US size36-3838-4040-4242-4444-4646-48
Russian size46-4848-5050-5252-5454-5656-58
Neck circumference (cm)~363840424446
Bust (cm)~86-9192-98100-104105-114115-127128-140
Waist (cm)~70-7576-8283-8687-9596-110111-120
Sleeve Length (cm)~81-8384-8687-8889-9089-9089-90
International sizeSMLXLXXLXXXL
European size46-4848-5050-5252-5454-5656-58

Corresponding size table for men's shirts

International sizeSSMLLLXLXXL
European size373839-404142434445
Russian size373839-404142434445

Corresponding size table for men's underwear

Russian size444648505254

Corresponding size table for men's shoes

European size4040.54141.54242.54343.64444.5454647
In centimeters2525.52626.52727.52828.52929.5303132
Russian size3939.54040.54141.54242.54343.5444546
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